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A percepção do professor acerca do seu trabalho com crianças portadoras de autismo e síndrome de down : um estudo comparativo


A percepção do professor acerca do seu trabalho com crianças portadoras de autismo e síndrome de down : um estudo comparativo

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dc.contributor.advisor Bosa, Cleonice Alves pt Goldberg, Karla pt 2007-06-06T18:46:52Z pt 2002 pt
dc.identifier.uri pt
dc.description.abstract The aim of the present study was to investigate the teacher’s perception about working both with individuals with autism and with Down’s syndrome. A semi-structured interview was performed with 10 teachers, in two special schools, in the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Each one of these interviews was compound of a range of questions, dealing with topics such as teacher’s identification, etiologic notions about the syndrome, intellectual development and clinical characteristics of the children, ways of educational intervention and finally the difficulties and feelings of the teachers concerning their work in this area and also their educational strategies. The analysis of the obtained material revealed that there are similarities and differences in the way in which the teachers perceive their students with the Down’s syndrome or Autism. One fundamental aspect which was identified related to the circumstances that led the teacher to work with these children, which were not always founded on choice. One of the concerns, which mostly differentiated the teacher’s discourse, was in relation to pleasure when working with these children. This appears more clearly regarding the students with Down’s syndrome, indicating a feeling of well-being and satisfaction of the teacher, due to the social reciprocity and communication in the relationship with the children. On the other hand, stereotyped ideas; worries with behaviors that are not specific to the anxiety and lack of self-confidence were aspects which characterized the teacher’s perception about autism. This picture might have influenced their management strategies. For example, in order to alleviate their conflicts and anxieties the teachers used strategies to maintain the students systematically busy to attempt to “control” the autism. However, the practice of “sheltering” by means of flexible work and encouragement of the autonomy based on the exercise of choice were also identified in some of the teachers. Another aspect that deserves attention is in the relation to the beliefs about the etiology of autism, specifically those concerning the mother-child bond. A simplistic view of this issue was identified, which was understood as a direct relationship of “cause and effect” rather as a reciprocal process, where each element of the dyad contributes to its quality. Finally, the results of this paper point to a complexity but not impossibility of the educational process of the so-called “special” student. However, attention should be paid to the need of founding the educational practice on knowledge, thus avoiding the emergency of distorted ideas and subsequently practices incoherent with the individual’s development. en
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dc.rights Open Access en
dc.subject Teacher’s perception en
dc.subject Autismo pt
dc.subject Percepção pt
dc.subject Autism en
dc.subject Síndrome de Down pt
dc.subject Dow’s syndrome en
dc.subject Relação professor-aluno pt
dc.title A percepção do professor acerca do seu trabalho com crianças portadoras de autismo e síndrome de down : um estudo comparativo pt
dc.type Dissertação pt
dc.identifier.nrb 000470793 pt Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul pt Instituto de Psicologia pt Curso de Pós-Graduação em Psicologia do Desenvolvimento pt Porto Alegre, BR-RS pt 2002 pt mestrado pt

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