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    • The effect of corrective feedback on performance in basic cognitive tasks : an analysis of RT components 

      Moret-Tatay, Carmen; Leth-Steensen, Craig; Irigaray, Tatiana Quarti; Argimon, Irani Iracema de Lima; Gamermann, Daniel; Abad, Diana‏; Oliveira, Camila Rosa de; Sáiz-Mauleón, Begoña; Vázquez-Martínez, Andrea; Navarro-Pardo, Esperanza; Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro‏ (2016) [Journal article]
      The current work examines the effect of trial-by-trial feedback about correct and error responding on performance in two basic cognitive tasks: a classic Stroop task (n = 40) and a color-word matching task (n = 30). Standard ...