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    • Oceanic eddy‑induced modifications to air–sea heat and CO2 fluxes in the Brazil‑Malvinas Confluence 

      Pezzi, Luciano Ponzi; Souza, Ronald Buss de; Santini, Marcelo F.; Miller, Arthur J.; Carvalho, Jonas T.; Parise, Cláudia Klose; Quadro, Mario F.; Rosa, Eliana B.; Justino, Flavio Barbosa; Sutil, Ueslei Adriano; Cabrera, Mylene J.; Babanin, Alexander V.; Voermans, Joey; Nascimento, Ernani L.; Alves, Rita de Cássia Marques; Munchow, Gabriel Bonow; Rubert, Joel (2021) [Journal article]
      Sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies caused by a warm core eddy (WCE) in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean (SWA) rendered a crucial influence on modifying the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). During the first ...