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    • Study of bacteria isolated from the foot pad of Spheniscus magellanicus with and without bumblefoot 

      Osório, Luiza da Gama; Xavier, Melissa Orzechowski; Ladeira, Sílvia Regina Leal; Silva Filho, Rodolfo Pinho da; Faria, Renata Osório de; Vargas, Gilberto D`Avila; Cabana, Angela Leitzke; Mello, Joao Roberto Braga de; Meireles, Mário Carlos Araújo (2013) [Journal article]
      The bumblefoot or pododermatitis is among the diseases with the highest morbidity in Magellanic penguins, sometimes evolving to septicemia and death. Therefore, this study aimed to relate the main species involved in the ...