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    • SN 1992A : ultraviolet and optical studies based on HST, IUE and CTIO observations 

      Kirshner, Robert P.; Jeffery, David J.; Leibundgut, Bruno; Challis, Peter M.; Sonneborn, George; Phillips, M.M.; Suntzeff, N.B.; Smith, Robert Christopher; Winkler, P. Frank; Winge, Claudia; Hamuy, Mario; Hunter, Deidre A.; Roth, Katherine C.; Blades, J.C.; Branch, David; Chevalier, Roger A.; Fransson, Claes; Panagia, Nino; Wagoner, Robert V.; Wheeler, J. Craig; Harkness, Robert P. (1993) [Journal article]
      The Type Ia supernova SN 1992A in the SO galaxy NGC 1380 was observed as a target of opportunity by the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) and with great alacrity by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Here we present ...