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    • Modified methods for voltage-sag source detection using transient periods 

      Mohammadi, Younes; Leborgne, Roberto Chouhy; Polajžer, Boštjan (2022) [Journal article]
      Real-time detection of the voltage sag sources' relative location requires fast and accurate methods. Therefore, in this paper, the transient period of voltage sags is used with useful detection information, which is not ...
    • Most influential feature form for supervised learning in voltage sag source localization 

      Mohammadi, Younes; Polajžer, Boštjan; Leborgne, Roberto Chouhy; Khodadad, Davood (2024) [Journal article]
      The paper investigates the application of machine learning (ML) for voltage sag source localization (VSSL) in electrical power systems. To overcome feature-selection challenges for traditional ML methods and provide more ...