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    • Anisotropic rare-earth spin-glasses 

      Fert, Albert R.; Pureur Neto, Paulo; Hippert, F.; Baberschke, Klaus; Bruss, F. (1982) [Journal article]
      We present magnetic measurements (ac and de susceptibilities and magnetization) on YEr and YGd single crystals. The longitudinal (i.e., along the c axis) susceptibility of YEr shows a typical spin-glass-like cusp, whereas ...
    • Magnetic ordering in YGd alloys 

      Pureur Neto, Paulo; Fert, Albert R.; Wendler, R.; Baberschke, Klaus (1985) [Journal article]
      We present magnetization and resistivity measurements on single crystals of yttrium doped with small concentrations of gadolinium (c = 1, 2, and 3 at. %). The low-field susceptibility exhibits a spin-glass-like sharp cusp ...
    • Rare-earth spin-glasses with uniaxial anisotropy 

      Baberschke, Klaus; Pureur Neto, Paulo; Fert, Albert R.; Wendler, R.; Senoussi, Sadok (1984) [Journal article]
      The properties of spin-glasses with uniaxial anisotropy are investigated by magnetization measurements on single crysta1s of Y and Se doped with Er, Dy, Tb, or Gd impurities. In alloys with strong anisotropy, spin-glass ...