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    • Normal ATXN3 allele but not CHIP polymorphisms modulates age at onset in Machado–Joseph disease 

      França Júnior, Marcondes Cavalcante; Emmel, Vanessa Erichsen; D'Abreu, Anelyssa Cysne Frota; Morelli, Cláudia Vianna Maurer; Secolin, Rodrigo; Bonadia, Luciana Cardoso; Silva, Marilza Santos; Nucci, Anamarli; Jardim, Laura Bannach; Pereira, Maria Luiza Saraiva; Marques Júnior, Wilson; Paulson, Henry L.; Lopes-Cendes, Iscia Teresinha (2012) [Journal article]
      Background: Age at onset (AO) in Machado–Joseph disease (MJD) is closely associated with the length of the CAG repeat at the mutant ATXN3 allele, but there are other intervening factors. Experimental evidence indicates ...