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    • Dominant two-center electron-electron interactions in collisions of 120-mev ne(sup 6+) ions with gas targets 

      Sulik, B.; Ricz, S.; Kadar, I.; Xiao, G.; Schiwietz, Gregor; Sommer, K.; Grande, Pedro Luis; Kohrbruck, R.; Grether, M.; Stolterfoht, N. (1995) [Journal article]
      The target gases H2, He, CH4, N2, Ne, andAr were bombarded by 120-MeV Ne6+ ions to study the 2s-nl excitation from the metastable state 1s 22s2p 3P0 of the Ne6+ projectile. The Coster-Kronig electrons from the transition ...
    • Influence of nuclear track potentials in insulators on the emission of target auger electrons 

      Schiwietz, Gregor; Grande, Pedro Luis; Skogvall, B.; Biersack, J.P.; Kohrbruck, R.; Sommer, K.; Schmoldt, A.; Goppelt, P.; Kadar, I.; Ricz, S.; Stettner, U. (1992) [Journal article]
      The angle, energy, and fluence dependence of electron emission following the interaction of normally incident 100-MeV Ne⁹⁺ ions with thin polypropylene foils and 170-MeV Ne⁷⁺ projectiles with Mylar foils has been investigated ...