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    • New DArT markers for oat provide enhanced map coverage and global germplasm characterization 

      Tinker, Nicholas Andrew; Kilian, Andrzej; Wight, Charlene P.; Heller-Uszynska, Katarzyna; Wenzl, Peter; Rines, Howard W.; Bjørnstad, Åsmund; Howarth, Catherine J.; Jannink, Jean-Luc; Anderson, Joseph M.; Rossnagel, Brian G.; Stuthman, Deon D.; Sorrells, Mark E.; Jackson, Eric W.; Tuvesson, Stine; Kolb, Fred L.; Olsson, Olof; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos; Carson, Marty L.; Ohm, Herbert W.; Molnar, Stephen J.; Scoles, Graham; Eckstein, Peter E.; Bonman, J. Michael; Ceplitis, Alf; Langdon, Tim (2009) [Journal article]
      Background: Genomic discovery in oat and its application to oat improvement have been hindered by a lack of genetic markers common to different genetic maps, and by the difficulty of conducting whole-genome analysis using ...