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    • What is new for an old molecule? : Systematic review and recommendations on the use of resveratrol 

      Vang, Ole; Ahmad, Nihal; Baile, Clifton A.; Baur, Joseph A.; Brown, Karen; Csiszar, Anna; Das, Dipak K.; Delmas, Dominique; Gottfried, Carmem Juracy Silveira; Lin, Hung-Yun; Ma, Qing-Yong; Mukhopadhyay, Partha; Nalini, Namasivayam; Pezzuto, John M.; Richard, Tristan; Shukla, Yogeshwer; Surh, Young-Joon; Szekeres, Thomas; Szkudelski, Tomasz; Walle, Thomas; Wu, Joseph M. (2011) [Journal article]
      Background: Resveratrol is a natural compound suggested to have beneficial health effects. However, people are consuming resveratrol for this reason without having the adequate scientific evidence for its effects in humans. ...