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    • A supersymmetric U/sub q/[osp(2|2)]-extended Hubbard model with boundary fields 

      Guan, Xi-Wen; Foerster, Angela; Grimm, Uwe; Römer, Rudolf A.; Schreiber, Michael (2001) [Journal article]
      A strongly correlated electron system associated with the quantum superalgebra Uq[osp(2|2)] is studied in the framework of the quantum inverse scattering method. By solving the graded reflection equation, two classes of ...
    • Thermodynamic properties of an integrabel quantum spin ladder with boundary impurities 

      Batchelor, Murray T.; Guan, Xi-Wen; Foerster, Angela; Tonel, Arlei Prestes; Zhou, Huan-Qiang (2003) [Journal article]
      An integrable quantum spin ladder based on the SU(4) symmetry algebra with boundary defects is studied in the framework of boundary integrability. Five nontrivial solutions of the reflection equations lead to different ...