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    • Diagonal compositionality of concurrent, finite state systems 

      Menezes, Paulo Fernando Blauth (CPGCC da UFRGS, 1996) [Technical and Research Report]
      In previous works together with J . Félix Costa and A. Sernadas, we construct a categoria} semantic domain called Nonsequential Automata (first introduced in [10]), based on labeled transition systems [15] with full ...
    • Refinement in a concurrent, object-based language 

      Menezes, Paulo Fernando Blauth; Sernadas, Amilcar dos Santos Costa; Costa, J. Felix (CPGCC da UFRGS, 1996) [Technical and Research Report]
      Nonsequential automata constitute a categoria! semantic domain based oo labeled transition system with full concurrency, where restriction and relabeling are functorial and a class oi morphisms stands for refinement. It ...