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    • Yacon inulin leaching during hot water blanching 

      Scher, Caroline Fenner; Brandelli, Adriano; Noreña, Caciano Pelayo Zapata (2015) [Journal article]
      Yacon roots contain inulin, which has prebiotic properties and it may be used as sucrose or fat substitutes. However, inulin is very soluble in water. The loss of this important nutrient during blanching is caused mainly ...
    • Yield and carcass composition of broilers fed with diets based on the concept of crude protein or ideal protein 

      Toledo, Geni Salete Pinto de; Lopez, Jorge; Costa, P.T.C. (2004) [Journal article]
      Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of diets formulated using the criteria of crude protein (CP) and ideal protein (IP) on the yield and carcass composition of male and female broilers. Birds of two ...
    • Zoosporogênese in vitro entre isolados do oomiceto Pythium insidiosum 

      Pereira, Daniela Isabel Brayer; Santúrio, Jânio Morais; Alves, Sydney Hartz; Argenta, Juliana Siqueira; Cavalheiro, Ayrton Sydnei; Ferreiro, Laerte (2008) [Journal article]
      Pythium insidiosum é um oomiceto aquático, responsável pela etiologia da pitiose, uma enfermidade crônica, observada freqüentemente em eqüinos. A produção de zoósporos móveis por este microrganismo se constitui no fator ...