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    • Anti-inflammatory activity and chemical analysis of extracts from Trifolium riograndense 

      Pedrazza, Graziele Pereira Ramos; Morais, Cláudia Borges de; Dettenborn, Greice Raquel; Ceolato, Paula Casagrande; Apel, Miriam Anders; Schapoval, Elfrides Eva Scherman; Dall'Agnol, Miguel; Zuanazzi, Jose Angelo Silveira (2017) [Journal article]
      Aiming to investigate new therapeutic agents with fewer side effects, the number of studies about naturalproducts has increased. Phenolic compounds comprise a well-studied class of abundant plant-derivedcompounds, whose ...
    • Characterization of blueberry fruits (Vaccinium spp.) and derived products 

      Reque, Priscilla Magro; Steffens, Rosana Stroschoen; Silva, Alexandre Martins da; Jablonski, Andre; Flôres, Simone Hickmann; Rios, Alessandro de Oliveira; Jong, Erna Vogt de (2014) [Journal article]
      The objectives of this study were to physicochemically characterize and determine the antioxidant activities and anthocyanin contents of organic Rabbiteye blueberries grown in Southern Brazil and its derived products, in ...
    • Genetic variability of isoflavones in the usda red clover core collection 

      Ramos, Graziele Pereira; Dias, Paula Menna Barreto; Morais, Cláudia Borges de; Dall'Agnol, Miguel; Zuanazzi, Jose Angelo Silveira (2012) [Journal article]
      Red clover is one of the most utilized forage in agriculture and contains many of the isoflavones known for their human health benefits. The objectives of this study were: i) to quantify, using HPLC analysis, isoflavones ...