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    • Genetic parameters for five traits in Africanized honeybees using Bayesian inference 

      Padilha, Alessandro Haiduck; Sattler, Aroni; Cobuci, Jaime Araújo; Pimentel, Concepta Margaret McManus (2013) [Journal article]
      Heritability and genetic correlations for honey (HP) and propolis production (PP), hygienic behavior (HB), syrupcollection rate (SCR) and percentage of mites on adult bees (PMAB) of a population of Africanized honeybees ...
    • Heterosis in the components of lactation curves of Girolando cows 

      Daltro, Darlene dos Santos; Padilha, Alessandro Haiduck; Gama, Luís Telo da; Silva, Marcos Vinicius Gualberto Barbosa; Panetto, João Cláudio do Carmo; Machado, Juliana Dementshuk; Braccini Neto, José; Cobuci, Jaime Araújo (2019) [Journal article]
      The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of heterosis on the lactation curve components of Girolando cattle obtained by fitting different mathematical models. Data consisted of 258,891 test day milk yield ...
    • Reliability of breeding values between random regression and 305-day lactation models 

      Padilha, Alessandro Haiduck; Cobuci, Jaime Araújo; Daltro, Darlene dos Santos; Braccini Neto, José (2016) [Journal article]
      The objective of this work was to verify the gain in reliability of estimated breeding values (EBVs), when random regression models are applied instead of conventional 305-day lactation models, using fat and protein yield ...