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    • Growth and reproductive performance of 14- to 15-month-old Hereford heifers 

      Landarin, Carolini Machado; Lobato, Jose Fernando Piva; Tarouco, Adriana Kroef; Tarouco, Jaime Urdapilleta; Eloy, Lidiane Raquel; Potter, Luciana; Rosa, Antônio Augusto Galarza (2016) [Journal article]
      Aiming at breeding heifers with 14-15 months of age, 100 Hereford calves were subjected to different feeding systems. Heifers grazed on a natural pasture in early winter, fed or not a supplement (14% crude protein; 72% ...
    • Natural and improved pastures on growth and reproductive performance of Hereford heifers 

      Rosa, Antônio Augusto Galarza; Vaz, Ricardo Zambarda; Lobato, Jose Fernando Piva (2012) [Journal article]
      This study evaluated yearling growth and reproductive performance of Hereford heifers at 24-26 months of age grazing on natural pastures at two stocking rates during winter and spring, associated or not to improved natural ...