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    • Diverse genetic mechanisms underlie worldwide convergent rice feralization 

      Qiu, Jie; Jia, Lei; Wu, Dongya; Weng, Xifang; Chen, Lijuan; Sun, Jian; Chen, Meihong; Mao, Lingfeng; Jiang, Bowen; Ye, Chuyu; Turra, Guilherme Menegol; Guo, Longbiao; Ye, Guoyou; Zhu, Qian-Hao; Imaizumi, Toshiyuki; Song, Beng-Kah; Scarabel, Laura; Merotto Junior, Aldo; Olsen, Kenneth M.; Fan, Longjiang (2020) [Journal article]
      Background: Worldwide feralization of crop species into agricultural weeds threatens global food security. Weedy rice is a feral form of rice that infests paddies worldwide and aggressively outcompetes cultivated varieties. ...
    • Genomic insights into the evolution of Echinochloa species as weed and orphan crop 

      Wu, Dongya; Cutti, Luan; Merotto Junior, Aldo; Ye, Chuyu (2022) [Journal article]
      As one of the great survivors of the plant kingdom, barnyard grasses (Echinochloa spp.) are the most noxious and common weeds in paddy ecosystems. Meanwhile, at least two Echi- nochloa species have been domesticated and ...