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    • Ecology and genetic identification of freshwater turtles in Pakistan 

      Khan, Muhammad Qayash; Yaseen; Zahid, Hafsa; Numan, Muhammad; Vaz Junior, Itabajara da Silva; Ali, Abid (2021) [Journal article]
      Background: The turtle population plays an important role in sustaining the water ecosystem by minimizing pollution from water. The identification and molecular investigation of freshwater fauna is essential for conservation ...
    • Host immune responses to salivary components : a critical facet of tick-host interactions 

      Ali, Abid; Zeb, Ismail; Alouffi, Abdulaziz; Zahid, Hafsa; Almutairi, Mashal M.; Alshammari, Fahdah Ayed; Alrouji, Mohammed; Termignoni, Carlos; Vaz Junior, Itabajara da Silva; Tanaka, Tetsuya (2022) [Journal article]
      Tick sialome is comprised of a rich cocktail of bioactive molecules that function as a tool to disarm host immunity, assist blood-feeding, and play a vibrant role in pathogen transmission. The adaptation of the tick’s ...
    • Molecular survey and spatial distribution of Rickettsia spp. in ticks infesting free-ranging wild animals in Pakistan (2017–2021) 

      Ali, Abid; Shehla, Shehla; Zahid, Hafsa; Ullah, Farman; Zeb, Ismail; Ahmed, Haroon; Vaz Junior, Itabajara da Silva; Tanaka, Tetsuya (2022) [Journal article]
      Rickettsia spp. associated with ticks infesting wild animals have been mostly neglected in several countries, including Pakistan. To address this knowledge gap, ticks were collected during 2017 to 2021 from wild animals ...