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    • First molecular detection of Mycoplasma ovis (Hemotropic mycoplasmas) from sheep in Brazil 

      Souza, Ugo Araújo; Oberrather, K.; Moreira, Renata Fagundes; Almeida, Bruno Albuquerque de; Valle, Stella de Faria; Girotto-Soares, Aline; Soares, João Fábio (2019) [Journal article]
      Mycoplasma ovis is an emerging zoonotic pathogen with a worldwide distribution and can cause mild to severe hemolytic anemia, icterus, and poor weight gain in animals. Although M. ovis has been described in small ruminants ...
    • Molecular detection of Ehrlichia canis and Anaplasma platys in dogs in Southern Brazil 

      Lasta, Camila Serina; Santos, Andrea Pires dos; Messick, Joanne Belle; Oliveira, Simone Tostes de; Biondo, Alexander Welker; Vieira, Rafael Felipe da Costa; Dalmolin, Magnus Larruscaim; Diaz Gonzalez, Félix Hilário (2013) [Journal article]
      The aims of this study were to determine the occurrence of Anaplasma platys and Ehrlichia canis infection in dogs in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil; and to investigate their association with hematological abnormalities. ...