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    • Characterization of immune and enteric systems of broilers after imunosupression with dexamethasone 

      Carvalho, Daiane; Herpich, Juliana Inês; Chitolina, Gabriela Zottis; Gava, Marta Silvia; Moraes, Lucas Brunelli de; Furian, Thales Quedi; Borges, Karen Apellanis; Fortes, Flávia Borges; Moraes, Hamilton Luiz de Souza; Salle, Carlos Tadeu Pippi (2018) [Journal article]
      Bursa of Fabricius (BF) and the thymus are primary lymphoid organs of poultry and play a major role in avian immunity. Enteric system is also involved in immunity. Several pathologic conditions directly impact BF and thymus ...