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    • Estabilidade térmica e ao álcool do leite de cabras Saanen e Alpina 

      Mello, Fernanda Assaife de; Pinto, Andrea Troller; Zanela, Maira Balbinotti; Schmidt, Veronica (2010) [Journal article]
      Background: The increase in the goat’s milk production chain has been intensified in recent years. However, little is known about the quality characteristics of goat’s milk. In this sense, the present assay aimed to evaluate ...
    • Thermal resistance of proteolytic enzymes produced by psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from buffalo milk 

      Bogo, Marciele; Cruz, Karine Lauer; Revello, Alvaro Gonzalez; Correa, Ana Paula Folmer; Brandelli, Adriano; Frazzon, Ana Paula Guedes; Motta, Amanda de Souza da (2017) [Journal article]
      Background and Objective: Psychrotrophic bacteria produce extracellular proteases, resulting in deterioration and reduced shelf life of dairy products. In this study, 21 species of psychotropic bacteria isolated from buffalo ...