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    • Comparative genomics supports that brazilian bioethanol Saccharomyces cerevisiae comprise a unified group of domesticated strains related to cachaça spirit yeasts 

      Jacobus, Ana Paula; Stephens, Timothy; Youssef, Pierre; González-Pech, Raúl Augusto; Ciccotosto-Camp, Michael M.; Dougan, Katherine Elizabeth; Chen, Yibi; Basso, Luiz Carlos; Frazzon, Jeverson; Chan, Cheong Xin; Gross, Jeferson (2021) [Journal article]
      Ethanol production from sugarcane is a key renewable fuel industry in Brazil. Major drivers of this alcoholic fermentation are Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains that originally were contaminants to the system and yet prevail ...
    • Fungal microbiota isolated from healthy pig skin 

      Carregaro, Fabiano Bonfim; Spanamberg, Andréia; Sanches, Edna Maria Cavallini; Argenta, Juliana Siqueira; Pereira, Daniela Isabel Brayer; Zanette, Regis Adriel; Santúrio, Jânio Morais; Barcellos, David Emilio Santos Neves de; Ferreiro, Laerte (2010) [Journal article]
      Background: Researches have been developed to observe the normal microbiota of different animal species. This subject is of major importance for the control of potential infection risks. Fungi can be found in various ...