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    • Increasing taxon sampling suggests a complete taxonomic rearrangement in Echinantherini (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) 

      Abegg, Arthur Diesel; Santos Júnior, Alfredo Pedroso dos; Costa, Henrique Caldeira; Battilana, Jaqueline; Mendes, Roberta Graboski; Vianna, Fernanda Sales Luiz; Azevedo, Weverton dos Santos; Fagundes, Nelson Jurandi Rosa; Castille, Clement Marcel Claude; Prado, Pedro Cardoso; Bonatto, Sandro Luis; Zaher, Hussam; Grazziotin, Felipe Gobbi (2022) [Journal article]
      Although the recent advances on the relationship of its major groups, the systematics of the rich fauna of Neotropical snakes is far from being a consensus. In this sense, derived groups presenting continental distributions ...