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    • Characterization and modulation of microglial phenotypes in an animal model of severe sepsis 

      Michels, Monique; Abatti, Mariane R.; Ávila, Pricila Romão Marcondes; Vieira, Andriele Aparecida da Silva; Borges, Heloísa de Medeiros; Carvalho Junior, Celso Carneiro; Wendhausen, Diogo Luiz; Gasparotto, Juciano; Ribeiro, Camila Tiefensee; Moreira, Jose Claudio Fonseca; Gelain, Daniel Pens; Pizzol, Felipe Dal (2020) [Journal article]
      We aim to characterize the kinetics of early and late microglial phenotypes after systemic inflammation in an animal model of severe sepsis and the effects of minocycline on these phenotypes. Rats were subjected to CLP, ...