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    • Genome-wide interrogation of structural variation reveals novel African-specifc prostate cancer oncogenic drivers 

      Gong, Tingting; Jaratlerdsiri, Weerachai; Jiang, Jue; Willet, Cali; Chew, Tracy; Patrick, Sean M.; Lyons, Ruth J.; Haynes, Anne-Maree; Pasqualim, Gabriela; Brum, Ilma Simoni; Stricker, Phillip D.; Mutambirwa, Shingai B. A.; Sadsad, Rosemarie; Papenfuss, Anthony T.; Bornman, Riana M. S.; Chan, Eva K. F.; Hayes, Vanessa M. (2022) [Journal article]
      Background: African ancestry is a signifcant risk factor for advanced prostate cancer (PCa). Mortality rates in subSaharan Africa are 2.5-fold greater than global averages. However, the region has largely been excluded ...