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    • Effect of repeated restraint stress on memory in different tasks 

      Gamaro, Giovana Duzzo; Michalowski, Mariana Bohns; Catelli, Dayenne Helena; Xavier, Marcia Henriques; Dalmaz, Carla (1999) [Journal article]
      The present study investigated the effect of repeated stress applied to female rats on memory evaluated by three behavioral tasks: two-way shuttle avoidance, inhibitory avoidance and habituation to an open field. Repeated ...
    • Interaction between repeated restraint stress and concomitant midazolam administration on sweet food ingestion in rats 

      Silveira, Patrícia Pelufo; Xavier, Marcia Henriques; Souza, Fabiano Hahn; Manoli, Luciana Pacheco; Rosat, Renata Menezes; Ferreira, Maria Beatriz Cardoso; Dalmaz, Carla (2000) [Journal article]
      Emotional changes can influence feeding behavior. Previous studies have shown that chronically stressed animals present increased ingestion of sweet food, an effect reversed by a single dose of diazepam administered before ...