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    • Relationship between inflammation and oxidative stress and cognitive decline in the institutionalized elderly 

      Baierle, Marília; Nascimento, Sabrina Nunes do; Moro, Angela Maria; Brucker, Natália; Freitas, Fernando Araújo de; Gauer, Bruna; Durgante, Juliano; Bordignon, Suelen; Zibetti, Murilo Ricardo; Trentini, Clarissa Marceli; Duarte, Marta Maria Medeiros Frescura; Grune, Tilman; Breusing, Nicolle; Garcia, Solange Cristina (2015) [Journal article]
      Objective. Cognitive impairment reduces quality of life and is related to vascular and neurodegenerative disorders. However, there is also a close relationship between these diseases and oxidative stress. Thus, the purpose ...