• Massive splenomegaly in pregnancy : case report 

      Vettorazzi, Janete; Valério, Edimárlei Gonsales; Reis, André Rajab; Torres, H. F. I.; Petermann, Anthomy (2018) [Artigo de periódico]
      A 33-year-old primigravida presented to an appointment at a high-risk prenatal outpatient service due to a history of splenomegaly. Her spleen occupied 2 3 of the abdominal cavity and shifted the uterus to the right side ...
    • Melanoma metastasis to the spleen : laparoscopic approach 

      Trindade, Manoel Roberto Maciel; Blaya, Rodrigo; Trindade, Eduardo Neubarth (2009) [Artigo de periódico]
      We report a case of minimally invasive surgery in the management of metastasis to the spleen. A 67-year-old male patient with possible splenic soft tissue melanoma metastasis was referred to our hospital. He had a history ...
    • Spleen rupture during labor 

      Bessow, Camila Karsburg; Balbinotto, Rosi Pereira; Müller, Ana Lúcia Letti; Lubianca, Jaqueline Neves (2016) [Artigo de periódico]
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    • Wandering spleen as a cause of sinistral portal hypertension 

      Silva, Rodrigo Piltcher da; Costa, Vicente Lobato; Losekann, Caroline; Wendt, Luiz Roberto Rigo; Trindade, Eduardo Neubarth (2021) [Artigo de periódico]
      Wandering spleen (WS) is a rare entity characterized by laxity of peritoneal ligaments that hold the spleen stationary. It is most commonly diagnosed in children and young women. Clinical presentation ranges from asymptomatic ...