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    • Effect of nesiritide in patients with acute decompensated heart failure 

      O'Connor, Christopher M.; Starling, Randall C.; Hernandez, Adrian F.; Armstrong, Paul W.; Dickstein, K.; Hasselblad, V.; Heizer, Gretchen M.; Komajda, Michel; Massie, Barry M.; McMurray, John J. V.; Nieminen, Markku S.; Reist, C.J.; Rouleau, J.L.; Swedberg, Karl; Adams Junior, K.F.; Anker, S.D.; Atar, D.; Battler, A.; Botero, R.; Bohidar, N.R.; Butler, J.; Clausell, Nadine Oliveira; Corbalan, Ramon; Costanzo, Maria Rosa; Dahlstrom, U.; Deckelbaum, L.I.; Diaz, R.; Dunlap, Mark E.; Ezekowitz, Justin A.; Feldman, D.; Felker, G.M.; Fonarow, G.C.; Gennevois, D.; Gottlieb, S.S.; Hill, J.A.; Hollander, J.E.; Howlett, Jonathan G.; Hudson, M.P.; Kociol, R.D.; Krum, Henry; Laucevicius, A.; Levy, W.C.; Méndez, G.F.; Metra, Marco; Mittal, S.; Oh, B.H.; Pereira, N.L.; Ponikowski, P.; Tang, W.H.W.; Tanomsup, S.; Teerlink, John R.; Triposkiadis, F.; Troughton, R.W.; Voors, Adriaan A.; Whellan, D.J.; Zannad, F.; Califf, Robert M. (2011) [Journal article]
      Background Nesiritide is approved in the United States for early relief of dyspnea in patients with acute heart failure. Previous meta-analyses have raised questions regarding renal toxicity and the mortality associated ...