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    • Dermoid of the nasopharynx causing neonatal respiratory distress 

      Manica, Denise; Netto, Cátia de Souza Saleh; Schweiger, Claudia; Cortina, Marcelo Eduardo; Kuhl, Gabriel (2013) [Journal article]
      The dermoid is a rare and benignmalformation of bigerminal origin. It is seen frequently in the neonatal period, and the clinical presentation depends on the site and on the size of the lesion, and the classical clinical ...
    • Retrospective study of a series of choanal atresia patients 

      Manica, Denise; Schweiger, Claudia; Netto, Cátia de Souza Saleh; Kuhl, Gabriel (2014) [Journal article]
      Introduction Although it has been more than 250 years since the first description of choanal atresia (CA), there are still doubts about this abnormality. The differences between unilateral and bilateral forms are seldom ...