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    • Interaction structures in the psychodynamic psychotherapy of a patient with chronic diseases and somatic symptoms 

      Laskoski, Pricilla Braga; Hauck, Simone; Teche, Stefania Pigatto; Padoan, Carolina Stopinski; Barros, Alcina Juliana Soares; Serralta, Fernanda Barcellos; Eizirik, Claudio Laks (2019) [Journal article]
      Objective: This study aimed to identify and analyze the interaction structures (ISs) (patterns of reciprocal interaction between the patient-therapist dyad) that characterize the process of a successful long-term psychodynamic ...
    • The role of social objects in the constitution of the mind 

      Hauck, Simone; Freitas, Lucia Helena Machado (2018) [Journal article]
      The theory of object relations is fundamental to the psychoanalytic understanding of the development of the mind. The initial relations with caregivers are introjected as patterns of relations containing the self, the ...
    • What is the appropriate time to measure outcome and process factors in psychodynamic psychotherapy? 

      Costa, Camila Piva da; Padoan, Carolina Stopinski; Hauck, Simone; Teche, Stefania Pigatto; Eizirik, Claudio Laks (2019) [Journal article]
      Introduction: Different instruments and methods for measuring factors related to the progress and effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy (PDT) have been widely discussed in the literature. However, there are no ...