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    • 7-amino-4-azaheptyl grafted onto a silica gel as a sorbent for the on-line preconcentration and determination of iron(III) in water samples 

      Moraes, Sandra Valéria Mendes de; Tissot, Mateus Marques; Milcharek, Caroline D.; Brasil, Jorge de Lima; Costa, Tania Maria Haas; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Benvenutti, Edilson Valmir; Lima, Éder Cláudio (2005) [Journal article]
      A new sorbent was synthesized by anchoring 7-amino-4-azaheptyltrimetoxisilane, freshly prepared, to silica gel, producing 7-amino-4-azaheptyl anchored silica gel (AAHSG). This material was characterized by infrared ...
    • Antimony desinsertion reaction from SbxCoSb3-x 

      Miotto, Fernanda; Figueiredo, Camila Araújo de; Ramos, G. R.; Amorim, Cintia Lugnani Gomes de; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Perottoni, Claudio Antonio (2011) [Journal article]
      The compound SbxCoSb3-x was produced at 7.7 GPa and 550 ºC in a self-insertion reaction from the binary skutterudite CoSb3. This self-insertion reaction is characterized by the collapse of some framework Sb atoms into the ...
    • Compression mechanism and pressure-induced amorphization of [upsilon]-ZrW/sub 2/O/sub 8/ 

      Figueiredo, Camila Araújo de; Catafesta, Jadna; Zorzi, Janete Eunice; Souza, Leonardo Salvador; Baumvol, Israel Jacob Rabin; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Jornada, Joao Alziro Herz da; Perottoni, Claudio Antonio (2007) [Journal article]
      The structure of [upsilon]-ZrW2O8 has been optimized at zero pressure and also at V/V0=0.97 by means of density functional theory calculations using the B3LYP functional. As previously found for [upsilon]-ZrW2O8, tungsten ...
    • Materiais híbridos à base de sílica obtidos pelo método sol-gel 

      Benvenutti, Edilson Valmir; Moro, Celso Camilo; Costa, Tania Maria Haas; Gallas, Marcia Russman (2009) [Journal article]
      This review deals with silica based hybrid materials obtained by the sol-gel method. It involves concepts, classifications and important definitions regarding the sol-gel method that allows obtaining materials with organic ...
    • Phase separation in ion bombarded feni invar alloys 

      Gallas, Marcia Russman; Amaral, Livio; Jornada, Joao Alziro Herz da (1991) [Journal article]
      Studies of the effects of ion bombardment on the phase equilibria and ordering of FeNi alloys with 30.6 and 39.5 at. % Ni were performed. The FeNi samples were bombarded with Ne, Ar, and Kr at different doses and temperatures, ...
    • Pressure-induced self-insertion reaction in CoSb/sub 3/ 

      Kraemer, Airton Carlos; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Jornada, Joao Alziro Herz da; Perottoni, Claudio Antonio (2007) [Journal article]
      The thermoelectric material CoSb3, with skutterudite structure, was subjected to high pressures using a diamond anvil cell up to 40 GPa. Above 20 GPa this compound undergoes an irreversible isosymmetric transition to a ...
    • Rapidly converging bounds for the ground-state energy of hydrogenic atoms in superstrong magnetic fields 

      Rech, Paulo Cesar; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Gallas, Jason Alfredo Carlson (1989) [Journal article]
    • Surface morphology of spray-dried nanoparticle-coated microparticles designed as an oral drug delivery system 

      Beck, Ruy Carlos Ruver; Lionzo, Maria Ismenia Zulian; Costa, Tania Maria Haas; Benvenutti, Edilson Valmir; Ré, Maria Inês; Gallas, Marcia Russman; Pohlmann, Adriana Raffin; Guterres, Silvia Stanisçuaski (2008) [Journal article]
      This paper was devoted to studying the influence of coating material (nanocapsules or nanospheres), drug model (diclofenac, acid or salt) and method of preparation on the morphological characteristics of nanoparticle-coated ...