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    • Effect of irradiation temperature and ion flux on electrical isolation of GaN 

      Kucheyev, Sergei O.; Boudinov, Henri Ivanov; Williams, J.S.; Jagadish, Chenupati; Li, Gang (2002) [Journal article]
      We study the evolution of sheet resistance of n-type GaN epilayers irradiated with MeV 1H and 12C ions. Results show that both implantation temperature (varied from 77 up to 423 K) and ion beam flux affect the process of ...
    • Electrical isolation of n-type and p-type InP layers by proton bombardment 

      Boudinov, Henri Ivanov; Tan, Hoe H.; Jagadish, Chenupati (2001) [Journal article]
      The evolution of the sheet resistance (Rs) of n-type and p-type conductive InP layers during proton irradiation and the stability of the formed isolation during postirradiation annealing were investigated. It was found ...