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    • Hidden trigger for the giant starburst arc in M83? 

      Díaz, Rubén Joaquín; Dottori, Horacio Alberto; Agüero, Maria Paz; Mediavilla, Evencio; Rodrigues, Irapuan; Mast, Damián (2006) [Journal article]
      The huge star formation events that occur at some galactic centers do not provide enough clues as to their origin, since the morphological signatures of the triggering mechanism are smeared out in the timescale of a few ...
    • The missing goliath's slingshot : massive black hole recoil at M83 

      Dottori, Horacio Alberto; Díaz, Rubén Joaquín; Albacete Colombo, Juan Facundo; Mast, Damián (2010) [Journal article]
      The Fanaroff–Riley II radio source J133658.3−295105, which is also an X-ray source, appears to be projected onto the disk of the barred-spiral galaxy M83 at about 60" from the galaxy’s optical nucleus. J133658.3−295105 and ...