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    • A panchromatic spatially resolved study of the inner 500 pc of NGC 1052 : II. Gas excitation and kinematics 

      Hahn, Luis Gabriel Dahmer; Riffel, Rogério; Ricci, Tiago Vecchi; Steiner, João Evangelista; Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Riffel, Rogemar André; Menezes, Roberto Bertoldo; Dametto, Natacha Zanon; Diniz, Marlon Rodrigo; Motter, Juliana Cristina; Dutra, Daniel Ruschel (2019) [Journal article]
      We map the optical and near-infrared (NIR) emission-line flux distributions and kinematics of the inner 320×535 pc2of the elliptical galaxy NGC 1052. The integral field spectra were obtained with the Gemini Telescope using ...