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    • Methotrexate diethyl ester-loaded lipid-core nanocapsules in aqueous solution increased antineoplastic effects in resistant breast cancer cell line 

      Yurgel, Virgina Campello; Oliveira, Catiúscia Padilha de; Begnini, Karine Rech; Schultze, Eduarda; Thurow, Helena Strelow; Leon, Priscila Marques Moura de; Dellagostin, Odir Antônio; Campos, Vinicius Farias; Beck, Ruy Carlos Ruver; Guterres, Silvia Stanisçuaski; Collares, Tiago Veiras; Pohlmann, Adriana Raffin; Seixas, Fabiana Kömmling (2014) [Journal article]
      Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer affecting women. Methotrexate (MTX) is an antimetabolic drug that remains important in the treatment of breast cancer. Its efficacy is compromised by resistance in cancer cells ...