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    • The Nearby Open Cluster Collinder 140 

      Claria Olmedo, Juan Jose; Rosenzweig, Patricia (1978) [Artículo de periódico]
      Photoelectric UBV data of 77 stars in the region of Cr 140, as well as β indices of 31 stars and DDO data of one red star, are reported and discussed. In addition, MK spectral types of the four brightest B stars in the ...
    • Temperature dependence of the electric field gradient generated by nearest-neighbor impurity atoms in cubic Ag metal 

      Baumvol, Israel Jacob Rabin; Behar, Moni; Iglesias, Jose Roberto; Livi, Rogerio Pohlmann; Zawislak, Fernando Claudio (1978) [Artículo de periódico]
      The electric quadrupole interactions produced by near-neighbor (nn) and distant-neighbor impurity atoms of Cu, Au, Zn, In, Ga, Al, Sn, and Sb in a cubic Ag lattice are measured as a function of the temperature by the time ...
    • Melting transition of two-dimensional crystals 

      Holz, Arno; Medeiros, Joacir Thadeu Nascimento (1978) [Artículo de periódico]
      The solíd-liquíd phase transítíon (PT) in two-dímensional crystals is studied under the assumption that it ís driven by the díssocíation of elastic dípoles. It ís shown that thís PT ís of tirst-order and corresponds to a ...
    • Manifestly covariant approach for the one-soliton sector 

      Girotti, Horacio Oscar (1978) [Artículo de periódico]
      The one-loop contributions to the meson propagator and to the meson-soliton scattering amplitude in the one-soliton sector are analyzed using ordinary Feynman rules. It is found that, at the level of the propagator, the ...
    • Índice de centralidade de cidades no estado de São Paulo 

      Heidrich, Álvaro Luiz (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      Resumo não disponível
    • Calculation of rotational constants by asymptotic expasion 

      Chakraborty, Bijoy P.; Grieneisen, Hans Peter Henrik; Francke Sandoval, Ricardo Eugenio; Gallas, Jason Alfredo Carlson (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      An equation has been derived for the calculation of rotational constants, Bv, using an asymptotic expansion for Morse oscillators. Bv values calculated by the new equation have been compared with those calculated numerically ...
    • Microscopic formulation of a lattice-defect model 

      Holz, Arno (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      A microscopic construction method of lattice defects which can be represented by dislocation configurations in simple-cubic lattices and for interaction by central forces is given. In contrast to standard theories, where ...
    • Photographic photometry and the optical spectrum of the Seyfert galaxy IC 4329 A 

      Pastoriza, Miriani Griselda (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      Spectrophotometric and photographic observations of IC 4329 A show that this Seyfert galaxy has reduced dimensions D x d = (13.6 x 7.6) kpc anda high luminosity Mph = -20.2. The nucleus is stratified in three zones: first, ...
    • The influence of vibration-rotation interaction on band intensity parameters for ZrO and CuH 

      Gallas, Jason Alfredo Carlson; Francke Sandoval, Ricardo Eugenio; Grieneisen, Hans Peter Henrik; Chakraborty, Bijoy P. (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      Effects of vibration-rotation interaction have been studied on the band intensity parameters of ZrO and CuH molecules. Band strengths have been calculated for the ZrO α(C³3Δ-X' 3Δ) band system, and, in the absence of an ...
    • Demografia genética dos índios Ticuna da Amazônia 

      Salzano, Francisco Mauro; Callegari-Jacques, Sidia Maria; Neel, James V. (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      Os índios Ticuna do Brasil são atualmente uma tri· bo bastante aculturada e integrada. que habita, na sua maioria, aldeia:. localizadas ao longo do rio Solimões. S!lo aqui apresentados dados demográficos coletados em oito ...
    • Balmer line photometry of the 30 doradus nebula 

      Strauss, Federico Maximo; Braz, M.A.; Ducati, Jorge Ricardo (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      The 30 Doradus nebula was scanned at 29 strips of constant declination with a square diaphragm of 30" x 30" using Hα and Hβ interference filters. The absolute flux calibration was obtained from observations of six planetary ...
    • The structure of gould's belt 

      Strauss, Federico Maximo; Poeppel, W.G.L.; Vieira, Edemundo da Rocha (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      A comparative study of optical and radio-astronomical data was made of a section of Gould's Belt from l l = 300°–12°. Two strong neutral hydrogen concentrations are associated with Sco OB2 and with the Lupus section of the ...
    • Effects of high pressure on the electric field gradient in sp metals 

      Jornada, Joao Alziro Herz da; Zawislak, Fernando Claudio (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      The effect of high pressure on the electric field gradient (EFG) present at 111Cd impurity nuclei in sp host metals of Zn, In, β-Sn, and TI has been measured by the time-differential perturbed angular correlation technique. ...
    • Comparison of quasifree (p, 2p) with (p, pn) scattering as a check of the impulse approximation 

      Maris, Theodor August Johannes; Teodoro, Maria Ribeiro; Veit, Eliane Angela (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      It is shown that the ratio o f the cross sections o f quasifree (p ,Zp) and (p ,pn) reactions in complex nuclei for identical and suitable geometries can be reliably calculated in the distorted wave impulse approximation. ...
    • Structural stability and hyperbolic attractors 

      Lopes, Artur Oscar (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      A necessary condition for structural stability is presented that in the two dimensional case means that the system has a finite number of topological attractors
    • Saturating field configurations for the massless thirring-wess model 

      Girotti, Horacio Oscar (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
      The saturation of the massless Thirring-Wess model by induced field configurations is presented. The limiting procedure connecting the massless Thirring-Wess model arith the Schwinger model is reexamined. Special emphasis ...
    • Licenciatura em física : algumas considerações 

      Axt, Rolando; Silveira, Fernando Lang da; Moreira, Marco Antonio (1979) [Artículo de periódico]
    • Einstein A coefficients, oscillator strengths and lifetimes for some selected triplet-triplet transitions of N2 : a comparison between theory and experiment 

      Francke Sandoval, Ricardo Eugenio; Gallas, Jason Alfredo Carlson; Grieneisen, Hans Peter Henrik; Schifino, Jose; Chakraborty, Bijoy P. (1980) [Artículo de periódico]
      Einstein A coefficients, oscillator strengths and lifetimes have been calculated by an asymptotic expansion method, introduced by Chang and Karplus, for the N2, B 3Πg→A 3Σ+u (first positive), C 3Πu→B 3Πg (second positive), ...
    • Mossbauer effect study of cu/sub 2/mnal/sub 1-x/sn/sub x/ compounds 

      Dubiel, S.M.; Kunzler, Julio Vitor; Schreiner, Wido Herwig; Brandao, Delmar Estevam (1980) [Artículo de periódico]
      Results of a Mõssbauer effect study of a range of Cu2MnA1t-xSnx compounds are presented for x=0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75. The hyperfine magnetic field at Sn nuclei is proportional to a number of Sn atoms ...