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    • Anchoring the distence scale via x-ray/infrared data for Cepheid clusters : SU Cas 

      Majaess, Daniel J.; Turner, D. G.; Gallo, Luigi; Gieren, Wolfgang P.; Bonatto, Charles Jose; Lane, Dave; Balam, D.; Berdnikov, L. (2012) [Journal article]
      New X-ray (XMM-Newton) and JHKs (Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic) observations for members of the star cluster Alessi 95, which Turner et al. discovered hosts the classical Cepheid SU Cas, were used in tandem with UCAC3 ...
    • Anchors for the cosmic distance scale : the Cepheids U Sagittarii, CF Cassiopeiae, and CEab Cassiopeiae 

      Majaess, Daniel J.; Carraro, Giovanni; Moni Bidin, Christian; Bonatto, Charles Jose; Berdnikov, L.; Balam, D.; Moyano, Maximiliano; Gallo, Luigi; Turner, D. G.; Lane, Dave; Gieren, Wolfgang P.; Borissova, Jura; Kovtyukh, Valery V.; Beletsky, Yuri (2013) [Journal article]
      New and existing X-ray, UBVJHKsW(1−4), and spectroscopic observations were analyzed to constrain fundamental parameters for M25, NGC 7790, and dust along their sight-lines. The star clusters are of particular importance ...