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    • Semiclassical structure of chaotic resonance eigenfunctions 

      Keating, Jonathan Philipe; Novaes, Marcel; Prado, Sandra Denise; Sieber, M. (2006) [Journal article]
      We study the resonance (or Gamow) eigenstates of open chaotic systems in the semiclassical limit, distinguishing between left and right eigenstates of the nonunitary quantum propagator and also between short-lived and ...
    • Universal quantum signature of mixed dynamics in antidot lattices 

      Keating, Jonathan Philipe; Prado, Sandra Denise; Sieber, M. (2005) [Journal article]
      We investigate phase coherent ballistic transport through antidot lattices in the generic case where the classical phase space has both regular and chaotic components. It is shown that the conductivity fluctuations have a ...