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    • Electrical activation of carbon in GaAs : implantation temperature effects 

      Danilov, Iuri; Souza, Joel Pereira de; Murel, A.V.; Pudenzi, Marcio Alberto Araujo (2001) [Journal article]
      Carbon was implanted into GaAs at the energy of 1 MeV with doses between 131013 and 2 31015 cm22 at temperatures of 80 K, nominal room temperature (RT), and 300 °C. A markedly higher electrical activation was obtained in ...
    • Ferromagnetic nanoclusters formed by Mn implantation in GaAs 

      Couto Junior, Odilon Divino Damasceno; Brasil, Maria José Santos Pompeu; Likawa, Fernando; Giles, Carlos Manuel; Adriano, C.; Bortoleto, José Roberto Ribeiro; Pudenzi, Marcio Alberto Araujo; Gutierrez, H.R.; Danilov, Iuri (2005) [Journal article]
      Ferromagnetic clusters were incorporated into GaAs samples by Mn implantation and subsequent annealing. The composition and structural properties of the Mn-based nanoclusters formed at the surface and buried into the GaAs ...