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    • Analysis of resonances in grand design spiral galaxies 

      Vera Villamizar, Nelson; Dottori, Horacio Alberto; Puerari, Ivanio; Carvalho, Reinaldo Ramos de (2001) [Journal article]
      We have searched for corotation resonances (CRs) in three southern grand design spiral galaxies : NGC 1365, NGC 1566, and NGC 2997. We have also introduced a method of quantifying errors in the phase diagram used to detect ...
    • A morphological method to determine corotation radII in spiral galaxies 

      Puerari, Ivanio; Dottori, Horacio Alberto (1997) [Journal article]
      Shock-induced star formation in a stellar density wave scenario produces an azimuthal gradient of ages across the spiral arms that has opposite signs on either side of the corotation resonance (CR). We present a method ...
    • Spatial distributions of young Large Magellanic Cloud clusters and tracers of a bar pertubation 

      Dottori, Horacio Alberto; Bica, Eduardo Luiz Damiani; Claria Olmedo, Juan Jose; Puerari, Ivanio (1996) [Journal article]
      The spatial distributions of SWB I [10<~t(Myr)30]<~ and SWB II [30<~t(Myr)<~70] LMC clusters are analyzed using the enlarged sample of integrated V BV photometry of star clusters and associations published by Bica et ai. ...