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    • Chemical abundances in the metal-intermediate GC NGC 6723 

      Souza, Juliana Crestani Ribeiro de; Alves-Brito, Alan; Bono, Giuseppe; Puls, Arthur Alencastro; Alonso Garcia, Javier (2019) [Journal article]
      We have performed a detailed spectral analysis of the inner halo Galactic globular cluster (GC) NGC 6723 using high-resolution (R≈ 22 000–48 000) spectra for for 11 red giant branch stars collected with MIKE (Magellan) and ...
    • Chemical analysis of eight giant stars of the globular cluster NGC 6366 

      Puls, Arthur Alencastro; Alves-Brito, Alan; Campos, Fabíola; Dias, Bruno Moreira de Souza; Barbuy, Beatriz (2018) [Journal article]
      The metal-rich Galactic globular cluster NGC6366 is the fifth closest to the Sun. Despite its interest, it has received scarce attention, and little is known about its internal structure. Its kinematics suggests a link to ...