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    • SDSS-IV MaNGA : inside-out versus outside-in quenching of galaxies in different local environments 

      Lin, Lihwai; Hsieh, Bauching; Pan, Hsi An; Rembold, Sandro Barboza; Sánchez, Sebastián F.; Argudo-Fernández, Maria; Rowlands, Kate; Belfiore, Francesco; Bizyaev, D.; Lacerna, Ivan; Riffel, Rogério; Rong, Yu; Yuan, Fang; Drory, Niv; Maiolino, Roberto; Wilcots, Eric (2019) [Journal article]
      The large Integral Field Spectroscopy surveys have allowed the classification of ionizing sources of emission lines on sub-kiloparsec scales. In this work, we define two non-parametric parameters, quiescence (Fq) and its ...