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    • VLT-UVES spectroscopy of a bulge giant magnified through microlensing : EROS-BLG-2000-5 

      Minniti, Dante; Barbuy, Beatriz; Hill, Vanessa; Bica, Eduardo Luiz Damiani; Ortolani, Sergio; Rich, Robert Michael; Cook, Kern H.; Vandehei, Thor; Renzini, Alvio; Pasquini, Luca; Bennett, David P. (2002) [Journal article]
      High resolution spectra of a magnified bulge star were obtained at the 8 m Kueyen VLT-UT2 telescope with the UVES spectrograph. The source is a bulge giant of baseline magnitude VEROS = 18.4, magnified to V ≈ 18.0. These ...