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    • Dissecting stellar chemical abundance space with t-SNE 

      Anders, Friedrich; Chiappini, C.C.M.; Santiago, Basilio Xavier; Matijeviĉ, Gal; Queiroz, Anna Bárbara de Andrade; Steinmetz, M.; Guiglion, Guillaume (2018) [Journal article]
      In the era of large-scale Galactic astronomy and multi-object spectroscopic stellar surveys, the sample sizes and the number of available stellar chemical abundances have reached dimensions in which it has become difficult ...
    • High-resolution abundance analysis of four red giants in the globular cluster NGC 6558 

      Barbuy, Beatriz; Muniz, Leone V.; Ortolani, Sergio; Ernandes, Heitor; Dias, Bruno Moreira de Souza; Saviane, Ivo; Kerber, Leandro de Oliveira; Bica, Eduardo Luiz Damiani; Pérez Villegas, Maria de Los Angeles; Rossi, Luca James; Held, Enrico V. (2018) [Journal article]
      Context. NGC 6558 is a bulge globular cluster with a blue horizontal branch (BHB), combined with a metallicity of [Fe/H] ≈ −1.0. It is similar to HP 1 and NGC 6522, which could be among the oldest objects in the Galaxy. ...