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    • Geometry of phase separation 

      Sicilia, Alberto; Sarrazin, Yoann; Arenzon, Jeferson Jacob; Bray, Alan J.; Cugliandolo, Leticia F. (2009) [Journal article]
      We study the domain geometry during spinodal decomposition of a 50:50 binary mixture in two dimensions. Extending arguments developed to treat nonconserved coarsening, we obtain approximate analytic results for the ...
    • Inhomogeneous structure and magnetic properties of granular Co/sub 10/Cu/sub 90/ alloys 

      Panissod, P.; Malinowska, M.; Jedryka, E.; Wojcik, M.; Nadolski, S.; Knobel, Marcelo; Schmidt, Joao Edgar (2001) [Journal article]
      Granular Co₁₀Cu₉₀ alloys displaying giant magnetoresistance have been obtained by melt spinning followed by an appropriate heat treatment in the range 0–700 °C. Their structural and magnetic properties have been studied ...
    • Phase separation in Cu/sub 90/Co/sub 10/ high-magnetoresistance materials 

      Miranda, Marines Grande Malcum; Estevez Rams, Ernesto; Martinez Pino, Gerardo Guido; Baibich, Mario Norberto (2003) [Journal article]
      The relation between giant magnetoresistance ~GMR! and phase separated nanostructures in Cu90Co10 is studied using magnetotransport measurements together with transmission electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis. The ...