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    • Angular and temperature dependence of the magnetic circular dichroism in 4d core-level photoemission from Gd(0001) 

      Denecke, Reinhard; Morais, Jonder; Ynzunza, Ramon X.; Fecher, Gerhard H.; Menchero, Jose G.; Liesegang, John; Kortright, Jeff B.; Hussain, Zahid; Fadley, Charles S. (2002) [Journal article]
      We present experimental and theoretical results for the angular and temperature dependence of magnetic circular dichroism in Gd 4d core-level photoelectron emission from a Gd(0001) surface in both normal and off-normal ...
    • Impedance and initial magnetic permeability of gadolinium 

      Fraga, Gilberto Luiz Ferreira; Pureur Neto, Paulo; Cardoso, Lisandro Pavie (2010) [Journal article]
      In the present work we report on measurements of the complex impedance and the magnetoimpedance of a textured sample of gadolinium metal. The preferential c -axis orientation of the Gd hexagonal structure is perpendicular ...
    • Magnetic dichroism in core-level photoemission from Gd(0001) 

      Morais, Jonder; Fecher, Gerhard H.; Denecke, Reinhard; Hussain, Zahid; Fadley, Charles S. (2000) [Journal article]
      This work reports on magnetic dichroism in photoemission from the Gd 4l(l=s,p,d, f) core level of in-plane magnetized Gd films excited with linearly, circularly, and unpolarized light. Thin Gd films of about 100 ML thickness ...