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    • Evolution of TiO2 nanotubular morphology obtained in ethylene glycol/glycerol mixture and its photoelectrochemical performance 

      Bervian, Alexander; Coser, Eliane; Khan, Sherdil; Pianaro, Sidnei Antonio; Aguzzoli, Cesar; Marcuzzo, Jossano Saldanha; Baldan, Mauricio Ribeiro; Malfatti, Célia de Fraga (2017) [Journal article]
      The evolution of TiO2 nanotubular morphology, synthesized in a mixture of fluorinated ethylene glycol and glycerol electrolyte, was studied as a function of the anodization time. The samples were characterized by FEG-SEM, ...
    • A new ternary alloy Ti26Zr24Nb for biomedical application : behavior in corrosion, wear, and tribocorrosion 

      Silva, Fabiana Lopes da; Antonini, Leonardo Marasca; Ortega Vega, Maria Rita; Aguzzoli, Cesar; Malfatti, Célia de Fraga (2020) [Journal article]
      Titanium (Ti)-based alloys with only β-phase have arisen the interest of academics and industrials for bone implants due to their mechanical properties close to those of hard tissues, and for the capability of allowing ...
    • Overview of sterilization methods for UHMWPE through surface analysis 

      Rodrigues, Melissa Machado; Baldin, Estela Knopp Kerstner; Fontoura, Cristian Padilha; Leidens, Leonardo Mathias; Barbieri, Rodrigo Antonio; Frassini, Rafaele; Malfatti, Célia de Fraga; Roesch-Ely, Mariana; Figueroa, Carlos Alejandro; Aguzzoli, Cesar (2020) [Journal article]
      The sterilization process is essential for the use of biomaterials in the human body in order to avoid contamination. However, the effect of such required pretreatment on the surface must be also evaluated since some ...