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    • Destoning the moatize coal seam, Mozambique, by dry jigging 

      Sampaio, Carlos Hoffmann; Ambrós, Weslei Monteiro; Cazacliu, Bogdan; Oliva Moncunill, Josep; José, David Selemane; Miltzarek, Gerson Luis; Brum, Irineu Antônio Schadach de; Petter, Carlos Otavio; Fernandes, Eunírio Zanetti; Oliveira, Luis Felipe Silva (2020) [Journal article]
      This paper proposes pre-beneficiation studies by air jigs of the coal layers from a Moatize coal deposit. Pre-beneficiation, also called destoning, removes tailings before the beneficiation plant. The air jigs operate in ...
    • Using static, kinetic and metal mobility procedures to evaluate possibilities of coal waste land disposal at Moatize Mine, Mozambique 

      Weiler, Jessica; Silva, Aline Capoani da; Fernandes, Eunírio Zanetti; Schneider, Ivo Andre Homrich (2020) [Journal article]
      Coal mine waste rocks produced during mining and beneficiation can affect the environment due to land degradation and acid mine drainage generation. However, proper characterization and treatment of mineral processing ...